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Know more about Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

Kedarnath is a small town in Rudraprayag district. Which is famous in the world because of the Kedarnath temple. Kedarnath Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. According to mythological beliefs, earlier Kedarnath Dham was the territory of Badrikashram. But after Lord Shiva worshiped Lord Vishnu, when pleased with Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu said that what is the need of you to worship me. So Lord Shiva said, Lord, give us one place in our Badrikashram where people worship me with great reverence, then Lord Vishnu delighted in the Kedarnath salt place which is situated at the origin of Mandakini and the foothills of Chorbori Glacier in the Himalayas. Lord Vishnu dedicated this place to Lord Shiva. Since then the place is known as Kedar Dham or Kedarkhand.
Kedarnath is a very sacred place in the lap of the Himalayas. It is believed that when Bhima was wandering in the Himalayas in search of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath is the place where Bhima saw Lord Shiva as a Bull. And from the place where the temple is situated today, Lord Shiva entered into the ground and Bhima pulled his tail and tried to stop them. The front part of the bull incarnation of Lord Shiva is in the temple located in Kathmandu Nepal and the back is worshiped in Kedarnath Dham. All your deeds are satisfied with the sight of Kedarnath Dham.

GauriKund - Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

Gauri Temple - Gauri Kund is one of the best temples where you bathe in a hot water spring and then visit Gauri Mata and begin your journey to Kedarnath. Kedarnath is 14 km away from Gaurikund. People usually forget this ancient temple. This temple has a beautiful idol of Goddess Parbati outside and a stone idol of Lord Ganesha. There are idols of Shiva and Parvati inside.
Just in front of this temple is a huge stone temple of Umapati Shiva with natural carvings of snakes. A visit to this place is for the believers of our Hindu culture. The region suffered a lot in the devastating floods that occurred a few years ago. Renovation work is underway and will be better developed upon completion.

Bhim shila - Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

The terrible disaster in 2013 had led to Mahavinash Leela in this temple of Shiva, but the faith of the devotees became even stronger. The divine Bhima Shila contributed to increase this faith more than before, due to which the direction and velocity of the disaster which gave rise to the tragedy became very slow. This rock got recognition as Bhima Shila only after the disaster of 2013. A legend has also become popular on this that Bhima, the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva and brother of Yudhishthira, Dharmaraja, established this stone here to prevent any harm to his temple of worship. All the devotees who reach Shri Kedarnath Dham also see this divine rock. The temple architects and committee members fully agree that it would have been impossible to save the temple from ruin if it had not come. The Archaeological Department itself does not rule out any miracle behind it. After all, how this divine rock came to light during the disaster, it is still not known.

Bhairavnath Temple - Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

At a distance of 500 meters from Kedarnath Temple, Bhairavnath Temple is situated on the hill on the northern side of Kedarnath Temple.
Bhairavnath Temple is one of the most popular temples in Kedarnath after Kedarnath Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairava, who is considered to be the main game of Shiva. Prabhu's weapon is the trident and his vehicle is a dog. The deity of the temple is also known as Kshatrapala or protector of the region. According to the legend, when the Kedarnath temple is closed during the winter months due to heavy snowfall, the deities at Bhairavnath Temple protect the main temple area as well as the entire Kedarnath valley.

Rudra Meditation Cave - Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

In view of the fact that the Rudra cave has been presented to tourists as a 'med dhyana cave', the modern facilities are certainly not unheard of here, though the place is in a completely different area. As a guest, you will be provided with drinking water and electricity, while a heater and attached toilet are also present inside the cave. Food is provided throughout the day, including morning and evening tea as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. While there is a specific timetable for providing these meals, you can change them to your liking.

How to Reach Kedarnath - Uttarakhand

Kedarnath By Air : The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand).

Kedarnath By Rail : The nearest Railway Station is the Rishikesh Railway Station at Rishikesh.

Kedarnath By Road : Gaurikund is the place where the road to Kedarnath ends. From Gaurikund, you will have to travel 18 kilometers on foot to reach Kedarnath.

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